Quito: This Hill Station Is Mesmerizing

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I went to Quito to enjoy my vacation. It is situated in the Andean foothills and is the largest city of Ecuador with the title of Capital of Ecuador. The place has a subtropical highland climate; it can be mild at days and cool in evenings, throughout the year. The climate of the city is divided into two main seasons, that is, October to May as rainy season and June to September as dry season. I went in December and loved being there, as I love rain and the experience was so mesmerizing.   

I went to the Basilica Church where I witnessed a beautiful view of the Colonial Centre of Quito. Then, after wandering through the streets of the Colonial Streets, I stopped at the Independence Plaza where I watched the Cathedral and the Government Palace. My journey continued with some more historical sites like La Ronda Street, The Sagrario’s Church, The Company Church, San Francisco’s church and Santo Domingo’s Church.

Then, I visited the ‘Telef`erico’. It was one of the best experiences as I could view the Beautiful valleys and snow-capped mountains. I was able to adore these places from 13,000 feet high. Mitad Del Mundo was our next stop, here, you can be in two hemispheres while being in one place, and the current equatorial line is situated. I had an adventurous feel here as I was able to participate in different experiments at the Intinan museum. I used an ancient sundial, balanced an egg on a nail and many more. I felt awe feeling for different adventures I had in the city. The city brought me a really beautiful and peaceful feeling; I wanted to have a stress-free vacation to take a break from my daily busy life. And, the city did not disappoint me. The days I spent there was worth everything.