Liverpool, the birthplace of The Beatles, you MUST visit!!!


You can’t be a die-hard The Beatles fan if you haven’t added Liverpool to your tour list. Liverpool sits in Merseyside, England and is home to not only the pop sensation The Beatles, but is also popular for its football and rich history. Apart from being the birthplace of The Beatles, Liverpool has also given a platform for other musicians like Gerry and the Pacemakers, Echo and the Bunnymen, as well as Frankie goes to Hollywood.

While music was more popular in the 20th century in Liverpool, now the city is more known for its success in football.

Tourist Attractions in Liverpool

A number of historical landmarks and tourist attractions make Liverpool and excellent place to visit for tourists. The city has earned six World Heritage Sites by UNESCO. These sites consist of public and military close to the waterfronts. They make popular tourist attractions as well and also play a major role in the city’s technology, development and politics.

Liverpool is divided into different neighborhoods; the City Centre being the midpoint of them. The City Centre is full of busy markets, shopping malls, museums, galleries, eateries and bars that make it the most crowded and the most famous place in the city for tourist. Chinatown in Liverpool is another big marketplace at affordable prices and is one the oldest Chinatown in the entire Europe.

From a historical point of view, Liverpool has a few museums that are widely popular and always busy across the year. The Beatles Story museum is a famous location for those who love the band. The Merseyside Maritime Museum focuses on marine technology and marine exhibits of Liverpool.

Apart from the museums and buildings, you can also hang out and relax at the parks of Liverpool. Some of the popular ones include the Otterspool Park, the Sefton Park and the Calderstones Parks in Allerton.

Festivals in Liverpool

Throughout the year, different festivals are held in the city of Liverpool and are open to the public. Schedule your tour to Liverpool according to the festival you want to be a part of to make the most out of your trip!


Sights To See & Experience In London England


London will probably be your first stop when you are on your way to touring different cities of Europe. It stands distinct as the capital of England and United Kingdom. Having been founded by the Romans, it has been the capital of a civilization that dominated the world at one point in time. Today London has several suburbs such as Kent, Essex, Surrey, Hertfordshire and Middlesex that make up Greater London. Known as one of the leading global cities, it is a center for entertainment, commerce, education, art, finance, fashion, professional services and so forth. It is an important financial center of the world and is known as a cultural capital. The largest city airport system is here as well as chains of international retailers and universities.

Places to see here are several as it contains four World Heritage sites that include Kew Gardens, Tower of London, Westminster Abbey and Greenwich.

Landmark places to see are numerous. You could start with the Buckingham Palace. This is the residence of the Queen and there are staterooms that are open for tours. One can also watch the changing of the guards that is a regular ceremony.

The Tower Bridge is a Victorian turreted bridge which is iconic not only for its historical heritage but also because of the panoramic views that people get from the walkways.  This is the spot a friend of mine decided to propose to his wife Amanda.  Jesse, who owns a company in New York.   He says that London is more romantic than most people think, since most think that Paris is the only place worth visiting if you are a hopeless romantic…

The London Eye is a relatively new attraction of this place which is an observation wheel by the river Thames. This wheel allows people to get a bird’s eye view of the landmarks of the city.

Big Ben is a national timepiece that is iconic. It is a Gothic clock tower that is 16 storeys high and close to the Houses of Parliament.

Tower of London is a medieval castle that houses the Crown jewels as well as has dungeons and historic horror stories about it.

The above places are simply some of the numerous landmarks to visit when you are in London besides experiencing the modern world of eateries, nightlife and retail world that the city houses.

Must See Attractions Of the Amazon Rain Forest


The Amazon Rainforest is one of the most beautiful and sought-after tourist destinations in the world. It has lots to offer a curious traveler. The jungle tour will let you experience the wildlife. You will never forget the cruise along the river. And if you are a beach lover, beautiful beaches are waiting for you in the Amazon Rainforest. Let’s take a look at the must-see attractions of the Amazon Rain forest.


  • Jungle Tour


The very first thing you need to do is to book a jungle tour. But you have to make sure that you are booking from a certified operator. You have to make sure that there is a guide with you, so that you will miss nothing whether it is macaws, parrots, squirrel monkeys or tamarins.


  • Jungle cruises


You will be introduced a wide range of cruise options. You will come across both luxury and budget boats. You will cruise through the Amazon River and Rio Negro. And you will be taken to the deep forest. In the quieter parts of the river, you will come across catfish, piranha, giant otters as well as river dolphins.


  • Opera in the Amazon


If you wish to take a look at the glorious past, then you should visit the Manaus Opera House. They were planning to demolish it one time. But they have restored its gold-domed look. It represents the wealthy past.


  • Rubber plantation museum


This museum has been restored from a rubber plantation which existed a long time ago. It will give you an insight into the past involving slaves. The kind of life endured by the rubber tappers is displayed here. You will also come across the store managed by the plantation owner (replica of it).


  • Meeting of the waters


When you visit the Amazons, you must visit the meeting of two great rivers – The Rio Negro and The Amazon River. You might be able to spot fresh water dolphins here if you are lucky enough. You will spot whirlpools, spirals, curlicues here at the meeting spot. While the water of the Rio Negro reminds of your black coffee, the water of the Amazon River will remind you of cream.