Maceio: Have Fun In Some Of The Best Beaches Of Brazil

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If you want to spend a mesmerizing vacation, take my advice and visit Maceio. I came across of the best beaches of the country in this city. There are also pools along with natural reefs along the coast. The coastal neighborhoods have turned out to be touristy places that offer an extensive range of restaurants, hotels, shops, nightclubs, and bars. Here is a list of thing that you can do in Maceio.

  • Urban Beaches

Ponta Verde Beach with its warm and blue water and many beach restaurants offering local specialty is a place to be. From the beach, take a boat out to the natural pools and reefs. You can also go to Jatiúca Beach that has wild waters. It is on the northern side of Ponta Verde. Ultimately, there is calçadão. Here, you can watch and sample the popular tapioca. It is an Alagoas specialty that is sold in many stalls. I simply fell in love with the place.

  • Praia Pratagi

Pratagi is taken to be one of the most breathtaking beaches that you will come across in this city. It is ideal for walks. Moreover, you can also go for diving. There are resorts that give you access to the beach. This makes your visit even more unforgettable.

  • Praia do Gunga

The spending Gunga Beach is only an hour from Maceio. The entire beach is surrounded by green coconut trees. There is a stretch of sea with calm water and another with waves. When you are here, you need to take a buggy tour of the colorful rock formations.

  • Praia Ipioca

Ipioca beach is not that easy to reach if you do not have a car. The long stretch of sand with turquoise color sea water is yet a semi-desert coastal strip of the coastline of Maceio.