Liverpool, the birthplace of The Beatles, you MUST visit!!!

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You can’t be a die-hard The Beatles fan if you haven’t added Liverpool to your tour list. Liverpool sits in Merseyside, England and is home to not only the pop sensation The Beatles, but is also popular for its football and rich history. Apart from being the birthplace of The Beatles, Liverpool has also given a platform for other musicians like Gerry and the Pacemakers, Echo and the Bunnymen, as well as Frankie goes to Hollywood.

While music was more popular in the 20th century in Liverpool, now the city is more known for its success in football.

Tourist Attractions in Liverpool

A number of historical landmarks and tourist attractions make Liverpool and excellent place to visit for tourists. The city has earned six World Heritage Sites by UNESCO. These sites consist of public and military close to the waterfronts. They make popular tourist attractions as well and also play a major role in the city’s technology, development and politics.

Liverpool is divided into different neighborhoods; the City Centre being the midpoint of them. The City Centre is full of busy markets, shopping malls, museums, galleries, eateries and bars that make it the most crowded and the most famous place in the city for tourist. Chinatown in Liverpool is another big marketplace at affordable prices and is one the oldest Chinatown in the entire Europe.

From a historical point of view, Liverpool has a few museums that are widely popular and always busy across the year. The Beatles Story museum is a famous location for those who love the band. The Merseyside Maritime Museum focuses on marine technology and marine exhibits of Liverpool.

Apart from the museums and buildings, you can also hang out and relax at the parks of Liverpool. Some of the popular ones include the Otterspool Park, the Sefton Park and the Calderstones Parks in Allerton.

Festivals in Liverpool

Throughout the year, different festivals are held in the city of Liverpool and are open to the public. Schedule your tour to Liverpool according to the festival you want to be a part of to make the most out of your trip!