Istanbul – Historic And Cultural Center Of Turkey

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Here's a Drone Tour of IstanbulIstanbul has been one of the most popular cities that flourished in the olden times and was known by the name Constantinople.  As of today, it is the historic and cultural center of Turkey. My visit to this amazing city was quite memorable. Here you can see a fusion of antiquity and modernism in every street.  There are many historic sites with ancient churches and mosques that attract thousands of visitors every year. Besides enjoying the monuments and history centers, we had a memorable museum tour.

Suleymaniye Mosque

Although there are many places that caught my attraction, nothing can be compared with the historic Suleymaniye Mosque. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the city. The mosque exhibits exceptional artwork and is a fine example of Byzantine and Islamic architecture. The interiors are also quite beautiful and you can enjoy some great views from the spot.

Hagia Sophia Museum

Istanbul is a land of many museums and Hagia Sophia is perhaps the most popular one. I had planned for a quick visit, but the museum was so enchanting that it took my whole day. The museum building was built around 1480 years ago and it was originally a Greek cathedral, which was later on transformed into a mosque. And today it is a museum that exhibits some of the most extraordinary relics and artworks of all times. Its grand dome, gold-tiled interiors, and mosaic art are some of the notable exhibits.

Topkapi Palace

Although visiting all the beautiful sites in Istanbul can take several days, you can make your short trip worthwhile by touring a few spots like Topkapi Palace. The 15th century palace serves as a museum where you can see and experience the marvelous culture of the Ottoman Empire. There are many attractions in and around the palace, including the imperial stables, the harem, the treasures, and the porcelain collection.