Istanbul: A Trip To Most Attractive City Of Europe

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Istanbul is the most eye-catching city of Europe. There is very often a chance that people miss the chance to visit Istanbul whenever they get in their lifetime. Here are some most known places to visit in Istanbul:

Hagia Sophia: The church of holy wisdom

It started as a Byzantine church and then it turned into a mosque in the Ottoman era. Today it is a known museum.  It is the architectural wonder of the world and most visited museums in the entire world.

Topkapi Palace: A place with historical value

In the year 1453 Mehmed captivated Istanbul. After conquering the city, he constructed this palace in 1460 and the entire palace got completed by 1478. The palace consisted of 700,000m². It stands on the Acropolis, which lies between Mearmara SA, Golden Horn etc.

Blue Mosque: Better known as Sultanahmet Camii

The Sultanahmet Camii has gained fame as Blue Mosque all because of the blue tiles laying into it. The mosque took seven years in construction. After construction, the dead body of Ahmed I was buried in the same mosque only. This is the most spectacular place where hospice, madarsa, and lastly mausoleum find altogether. 

Grand Bazaar: When shopping means everything

Istanbul comprises of a big bazaar which is known as The Grand Bazaar. By stepping into the market, you will realize that it is filled with several unique items from the whole world. There are four thousand stores in the market along with cafes, various service stores, and restaurants.

Basilica Cistern: A water reservoir of its own kind

The water reservoir located in the southeastern part of Hagia Sofia. It is established by Byzantine Emperor Justinianus I. It is a known subterranean cistern which was used in Istanbul back in 545 A.D. The whole site is known as basilica because once basilica stood here.