Give A Bang To Your Vacation In Bangkok

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places to visit in BangkokA city raked to be the hottest city in the world, the place with the biggest teak building, the tallest gold Buddha statue along with one of the largest recognized open air weekend market and guess what, also the Guinness world record setter creating for the longest chain of condoms! Welcome to Bangkok aka the city of angels.

Bangkok is the capital of Thailand with an area of 1569 kmis a very well known place and usually tends to be on the Must go to place when visiting Thailand.

Bangkok is famous for majorly these five locations, i.e. – Simon, Sukhumvit, Siam, Riverside, Bangkok Chinatown and the old city.

The city offers an exceptional number of transportation facilities like the Skytrain by the Bangkok Mass Transit aka BTS, the metropolitan rapid transit-subway aka MRT, common motor vehicles like taxis and even taxis like services that pick up on motorbikes along with the very common public transport-buses, the covered buses for pickups called songthaews, and guess what !? Even boats like the famous khlong boats and express boats are included in the common means of moving around the city express boats and khlong boats. 

What to do in Bangkok?

Here the Skytrain and the underground rails connect the areas famous for entertainment, shopping and business, whereas the historic sites are located around the river wherein taxis and boats can easily connect them at very nominal prices. Always remember that taxis here work on meters, hence never go about around without getting the meter down and paying way more than required.

Around $65 are required on the minimum slash for a regular day around Bangkok as a traveler.

Who doesn’t love gorging on food? Food in general almost anywhere around Asia is very different from that of the western form. When talking about Bangkok mainly sea foods like squids and crabs as their specialties around the town, whereas the vegetarian options include Indian restaurants, Israeli, Italian, Mexican and salad bars wherein Indian food spots are the best pick for vegetarian yet flavorful delight. Otherwise the simple getaway from this problem is to go to the supermarkets/flea markets for the ingredients, preparing yourself some satisfying meal along with complete another destination for visiting.

The language here is Thai and there are plenty of chances that tourists would struggle with pronouncing certain names of places, therefore it would e.g. advised to get the name of the place written on a piece of paper ease of use in case you happen to interact with the natives.


The accommodation facilities are widespread around the city wherein no stay is deemed to be better, but it depends from traveler to traveler and the budget along with where all he is visiting.