Get The Blend Of Far – East In Manila

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things to do in ManilaManila is the capital city of the Philippines. It is a highly populated city which reflects both modern and Spanish colonial architecture.

When to visit?

I visited the city in the month of September. However, if you want to experience the wonderful Cinema festival Cinemalaya, then you should go in the month of August. The Rizal Park however, will certainly hold some spectacular events whenever you visit. It is a beautiful park and one Brandon at Southern Star Roofing had visited a few years ago, having mentioned the cultural experience as something to definitely not miss.  It is a park perfect for strolling and the occasional gathering of hundreds of people for events.

Places to visit

  • I visited the Fort Santiago which is a citadel and a hero’s memorial. It’s one of the most beautiful forts with an ancient, mysterious aura to it that makes you want to explore it.
  • I have always loved the world under the ocean; the Manila Ocean Park brought for me a wonderful underwater world with live shows and an introduction to the marine life.
  • The San Agustin Church is a historic church with cultural exhibits. The place is a calm and serene one with an ever pleasant environment around it.
  • All these differences, cultural, historical dispositions of the city led me straight into the National Museum of Philippines. It is a haven for people who want to learn more or even just look at the artistic, scientific and historic exhibition of the Philippines.
  • Last but not the least; I visited the Intramuros, the heart of Old Manila, which is a Spanish walled city from the colonial times. It is a place you can understand only when you see it. A stone entrance, horse carts, wells, forts, modern shops, it had everything I could imagine.


Pack your bags and explore the city of Manila. Live in a modern skyscraper or find a small cottage or villa for your stay. Enjoy the best of both worlds in Manila.