Enjoy The Coastal Experience At Marblehead

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If you wish to get a flavor of coastal New England, stop by Marblehead. This city is a quaint coastal town that gives you the experience of life as found in New England. The coastal town is known for mostly waterside activities such as commercial fishing and whaling. The region is known for yachting as well. The town is a shipyard of much importance and is said to have been the birthplace of the American Navy. The Marine Corps Aviation also originated here. Being a center for recreational boating activities, it is a popular sailing destination as well as for kayaking activity. Many people come here to take part in leisure fishing as well as sport fishing activities.

Also known as Marble Harbor or Marvell Head, the town began as a fishing village and many old rural communities can be found in the inland areas of the harbor. The shoreline is characterized by the smell of drying fish which are exported to Salem or to other countries. The European settlers who came here have influenced life here as well as the early architecture in the region, which are evident in many historic mansions to be seen here.

Jeremiah Lee Mansion is one of the earliest architectural buildings that remain standing even today, which survives from an era when large ships with European settlers came into this region.

Salem Maritime National Historic site is a site that you would love to explore here. As Marblehead is adjacent to Salem, many of the places of tourist attraction lie in Salem. This particular site is a 9 acre park that has historic buildings, a tall ship and wharves for visitors to explore.

Peabody Essex Museum is another place you would like to visit here. It is a modern museum that houses Asian and American artwork.

Singing Beach is a beach here that is known for the unique sand; it also houses a bathhouse for the summer time along with a snack bar.

The Salem Witch Trials memorial is a memorial and burial point where most of the condemned and publicly executed witches and their bodies are buried.