Get The Blend Of Far – East In Manila


things to do in ManilaManila is the capital city of the Philippines. It is a highly populated city which reflects both modern and Spanish colonial architecture.

When to visit?

I visited the city in the month of September. However, if you want to experience the wonderful Cinema festival Cinemalaya, then you should go in the month of August. The Rizal Park however, will certainly hold some spectacular events whenever you visit. It is a beautiful park and one Brandon at Southern Star Roofing had visited a few years ago, having mentioned the cultural experience as something to definitely not miss.  It is a park perfect for strolling and the occasional gathering of hundreds of people for events.

Places to visit

  • I visited the Fort Santiago which is a citadel and a hero’s memorial. It’s one of the most beautiful forts with an ancient, mysterious aura to it that makes you want to explore it.
  • I have always loved the world under the ocean; the Manila Ocean Park brought for me a wonderful underwater world with live shows and an introduction to the marine life.
  • The San Agustin Church is a historic church with cultural exhibits. The place is a calm and serene one with an ever pleasant environment around it.
  • All these differences, cultural, historical dispositions of the city led me straight into the National Museum of Philippines. It is a haven for people who want to learn more or even just look at the artistic, scientific and historic exhibition of the Philippines.
  • Last but not the least; I visited the Intramuros, the heart of Old Manila, which is a Spanish walled city from the colonial times. It is a place you can understand only when you see it. A stone entrance, horse carts, wells, forts, modern shops, it had everything I could imagine.


Pack your bags and explore the city of Manila. Live in a modern skyscraper or find a small cottage or villa for your stay. Enjoy the best of both worlds in Manila.

Quito: This Hill Station Is Mesmerizing


I went to Quito to enjoy my vacation. It is situated in the Andean foothills and is the largest city of Ecuador with the title of Capital of Ecuador. The place has a subtropical highland climate; it can be mild at days and cool in evenings, throughout the year. The climate of the city is divided into two main seasons, that is, October to May as rainy season and June to September as dry season. I went in December and loved being there, as I love rain and the experience was so mesmerizing.   

I went to the Basilica Church where I witnessed a beautiful view of the Colonial Centre of Quito. Then, after wandering through the streets of the Colonial Streets, I stopped at the Independence Plaza where I watched the Cathedral and the Government Palace. My journey continued with some more historical sites like La Ronda Street, The Sagrario’s Church, The Company Church, San Francisco’s church and Santo Domingo’s Church.

Then, I visited the ‘Telef`erico’. It was one of the best experiences as I could view the Beautiful valleys and snow-capped mountains. I was able to adore these places from 13,000 feet high. Mitad Del Mundo was our next stop, here, you can be in two hemispheres while being in one place, and the current equatorial line is situated. I had an adventurous feel here as I was able to participate in different experiments at the Intinan museum. I used an ancient sundial, balanced an egg on a nail and many more. I felt awe feeling for different adventures I had in the city. The city brought me a really beautiful and peaceful feeling; I wanted to have a stress-free vacation to take a break from my daily busy life. And, the city did not disappoint me. The days I spent there was worth everything.

Maceio: Have Fun In Some Of The Best Beaches Of Brazil


If you want to spend a mesmerizing vacation, take my advice and visit Maceio. I came across of the best beaches of the country in this city. There are also pools along with natural reefs along the coast. The coastal neighborhoods have turned out to be touristy places that offer an extensive range of restaurants, hotels, shops, nightclubs, and bars. Here is a list of thing that you can do in Maceio.

  • Urban Beaches

Ponta Verde Beach with its warm and blue water and many beach restaurants offering local specialty is a place to be. From the beach, take a boat out to the natural pools and reefs. You can also go to Jatiúca Beach that has wild waters. It is on the northern side of Ponta Verde. Ultimately, there is calçadão. Here, you can watch and sample the popular tapioca. It is an Alagoas specialty that is sold in many stalls. I simply fell in love with the place.

  • Praia Pratagi

Pratagi is taken to be one of the most breathtaking beaches that you will come across in this city. It is ideal for walks. Moreover, you can also go for diving. There are resorts that give you access to the beach. This makes your visit even more unforgettable.

  • Praia do Gunga

The spending Gunga Beach is only an hour from Maceio. The entire beach is surrounded by green coconut trees. There is a stretch of sea with calm water and another with waves. When you are here, you need to take a buggy tour of the colorful rock formations.

  • Praia Ipioca

Ipioca beach is not that easy to reach if you do not have a car. The long stretch of sand with turquoise color sea water is yet a semi-desert coastal strip of the coastline of Maceio.

Give A Bang To Your Vacation In Bangkok


places to visit in BangkokA city raked to be the hottest city in the world, the place with the biggest teak building, the tallest gold Buddha statue along with one of the largest recognized open air weekend market and guess what, also the Guinness world record setter creating for the longest chain of condoms! Welcome to Bangkok aka the city of angels.

Bangkok is the capital of Thailand with an area of 1569 kmis a very well known place and usually tends to be on the Must go to place when visiting Thailand.

Bangkok is famous for majorly these five locations, i.e. – Simon, Sukhumvit, Siam, Riverside, Bangkok Chinatown and the old city.

The city offers an exceptional number of transportation facilities like the Skytrain by the Bangkok Mass Transit aka BTS, the metropolitan rapid transit-subway aka MRT, common motor vehicles like taxis and even taxis like services that pick up on motorbikes along with the very common public transport-buses, the covered buses for pickups called songthaews, and guess what !? Even boats like the famous khlong boats and express boats are included in the common means of moving around the city express boats and khlong boats. 

What to do in Bangkok?

Here the Skytrain and the underground rails connect the areas famous for entertainment, shopping and business, whereas the historic sites are located around the river wherein taxis and boats can easily connect them at very nominal prices. Always remember that taxis here work on meters, hence never go about around without getting the meter down and paying way more than required.

Around $65 are required on the minimum slash for a regular day around Bangkok as a traveler.

Who doesn’t love gorging on food? Food in general almost anywhere around Asia is very different from that of the western form. When talking about Bangkok mainly sea foods like squids and crabs as their specialties around the town, whereas the vegetarian options include Indian restaurants, Israeli, Italian, Mexican and salad bars wherein Indian food spots are the best pick for vegetarian yet flavorful delight. Otherwise the simple getaway from this problem is to go to the supermarkets/flea markets for the ingredients, preparing yourself some satisfying meal along with complete another destination for visiting.

The language here is Thai and there are plenty of chances that tourists would struggle with pronouncing certain names of places, therefore it would e.g. advised to get the name of the place written on a piece of paper ease of use in case you happen to interact with the natives.


The accommodation facilities are widespread around the city wherein no stay is deemed to be better, but it depends from traveler to traveler and the budget along with where all he is visiting.

Istanbul – Historic And Cultural Center Of Turkey


Here's a Drone Tour of IstanbulIstanbul has been one of the most popular cities that flourished in the olden times and was known by the name Constantinople.  As of today, it is the historic and cultural center of Turkey. My visit to this amazing city was quite memorable. Here you can see a fusion of antiquity and modernism in every street.  There are many historic sites with ancient churches and mosques that attract thousands of visitors every year. Besides enjoying the monuments and history centers, we had a memorable museum tour.

Suleymaniye Mosque

Although there are many places that caught my attraction, nothing can be compared with the historic Suleymaniye Mosque. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the city. The mosque exhibits exceptional artwork and is a fine example of Byzantine and Islamic architecture. The interiors are also quite beautiful and you can enjoy some great views from the spot.

Hagia Sophia Museum

Istanbul is a land of many museums and Hagia Sophia is perhaps the most popular one. I had planned for a quick visit, but the museum was so enchanting that it took my whole day. The museum building was built around 1480 years ago and it was originally a Greek cathedral, which was later on transformed into a mosque. And today it is a museum that exhibits some of the most extraordinary relics and artworks of all times. Its grand dome, gold-tiled interiors, and mosaic art are some of the notable exhibits.

Topkapi Palace

Although visiting all the beautiful sites in Istanbul can take several days, you can make your short trip worthwhile by touring a few spots like Topkapi Palace. The 15th century palace serves as a museum where you can see and experience the marvelous culture of the Ottoman Empire. There are many attractions in and around the palace, including the imperial stables, the harem, the treasures, and the porcelain collection.

Osaka Is Calling You


make sure to check these places out in OsakaCherry blossoms, Sushi, Chopsticks, Anime, Origami, Tokyo tower and how can I forget to list on the cartoons and manga series like Crayon Shinchan and Doraemon that are popular among all ages and are loved all around the world, to be honest, these are all the terms that come to my mind when I think about Japan and have majorly been a result of the visuals we have been used to watching.

Usually when backpacking to Japan, travelers and tourists tend to miss out Osaka and its unique aura as it is usually undermined and sublimes in the shadows of the capital Tokyo.

Osaka is situated near the Kansai region that is roughly around the port area and the shores of the Honshu Island, Japan.

Kyoto, Wakayama and Nara bound this place from North, South and East respectively, wherein the West lays the seaside.

Best season to visit

This place happens to be a destination that can be traveled all around the year, in all the seasons, but it would be recommended to come here around the fall season that is usually around the months of October and November wherein you can catch some more glimpses of how the years goes on around the second largest metropolitan of Japan. The MUST on the list that we all relate to Japan are cherry blossoms which can be paid a visit around the spring season that is around March and May when the temperature and climate is perfect for the bloom and travel.

Food in Osaka

The few of the food items that seem to represent the food options available in Osaka are Takoyaki, Okonomiyaki, Fugu, Yakiniku and Kushikatsu wherein the average budget for food every day as a traveler can be managed decently in ¥5000 if cheap places and chains are considered.

The few places that should be visited when around Osaka are- Osaka castle, Dotonbori, Shinsaibashi, Kuromon Ichiba Market, Shinsekai, Hozenji, Shitennoji, Umeda sky building and the Universal studio Osaka!

Always make sure that you stay around the Midosuji subway line as it is the transport route that can get you anywhere and few of the best accommodation hubs are Kita, Minami, and Honmachi, Shin-Osaka, Tennoji and the Osaka Castle area.

Istanbul: A Trip To Most Attractive City Of Europe


Istanbul is the most eye-catching city of Europe. There is very often a chance that people miss the chance to visit Istanbul whenever they get in their lifetime. Here are some most known places to visit in Istanbul:

Hagia Sophia: The church of holy wisdom

It started as a Byzantine church and then it turned into a mosque in the Ottoman era. Today it is a known museum.  It is the architectural wonder of the world and most visited museums in the entire world.

Topkapi Palace: A place with historical value

In the year 1453 Mehmed captivated Istanbul. After conquering the city, he constructed this palace in 1460 and the entire palace got completed by 1478. The palace consisted of 700,000m². It stands on the Acropolis, which lies between Mearmara SA, Golden Horn etc.

Blue Mosque: Better known as Sultanahmet Camii

The Sultanahmet Camii has gained fame as Blue Mosque all because of the blue tiles laying into it. The mosque took seven years in construction. After construction, the dead body of Ahmed I was buried in the same mosque only. This is the most spectacular place where hospice, madarsa, and lastly mausoleum find altogether. 

Grand Bazaar: When shopping means everything

Istanbul comprises of a big bazaar which is known as The Grand Bazaar. By stepping into the market, you will realize that it is filled with several unique items from the whole world. There are four thousand stores in the market along with cafes, various service stores, and restaurants.

Basilica Cistern: A water reservoir of its own kind

The water reservoir located in the southeastern part of Hagia Sofia. It is established by Byzantine Emperor Justinianus I. It is a known subterranean cistern which was used in Istanbul back in 545 A.D. The whole site is known as basilica because once basilica stood here.

Peten Department – A Must Visit Place In Central America


Petén is the northernmost department of Guatemala. It is nearly the size of Ohio, Petén covers country a third of the area, but has only 3 percent of the population. So, there is vast open land present here, which shelters rainforests, incredible Mayan ruins and savannas and much more fascinating things.

If you are planning to visit the Peten department with family this summer, jot down the name of places you should visit here.

  • Ixpanpajul Natural Park

Because the Peten has vast open land, thus it has much nature’s beauty. You can start your trip from. Here you can explore the subtropical rainforest without getting too wild. The park has well-maintained ways amid several lusts, which leads into the jungle. This is a perfect place for a family outing.

You get here many opportunities of adventure and the most popular trek in the park is the self-guided hike. It takes you too many spectacular viewpoints. You can experience here forest canopy, night safaris, horseback rides, ATV rentals, birding treks, and even a Tarzán Zip Line Canopy Tour; take it if you think you are brave enough.


  • Tikal Ruins


Tikal Ruins was once a powerful seat of the Mayan empire, now it’s the most famous archeological site in Guatemala, also the most-visited sites of Mayan ruins all over Latin America. UNESCO has declared it a World Heritage Site and it consists of plazas, temples and pyramids. The site was first settled around 700 BC, and it offers mesmerizing views and powerful aura.


  • Maya Biosphere


This is a vast tropical basin and its covers the whole Petén, the northern third of Guatemala, is a kind of jungle carpet and mostly wild. Maya Biosphere Reserve has been created by UNESCO in the year 1990. And the place has become an adventurous ecotourism destination for adventure lovers. The reserve has Tikal National Park, Yaxhá-Nakum-Naranjo National Park, El Zotz and Naachtún-Dos Lagunas Biotopes (Uaxatún) and Mirador Basin National Monument. It is also comprised Mayan ruins, rivers, mountains, hiking trails, Cenotes, and 14 lakes.


  • Lake Petén Itza


This is the second largest lake of Guatemala. The lush rainforests adjoining to this lake are the home to nearly 27 archaeological sites.

Enjoy The Coastal Experience At Marblehead


If you wish to get a flavor of coastal New England, stop by Marblehead. This city is a quaint coastal town that gives you the experience of life as found in New England. The coastal town is known for mostly waterside activities such as commercial fishing and whaling. The region is known for yachting as well. The town is a shipyard of much importance and is said to have been the birthplace of the American Navy. The Marine Corps Aviation also originated here. Being a center for recreational boating activities, it is a popular sailing destination as well as for kayaking activity. Many people come here to take part in leisure fishing as well as sport fishing activities.

Also known as Marble Harbor or Marvell Head, the town began as a fishing village and many old rural communities can be found in the inland areas of the harbor. The shoreline is characterized by the smell of drying fish which are exported to Salem or to other countries. The European settlers who came here have influenced life here as well as the early architecture in the region, which are evident in many historic mansions to be seen here.

Jeremiah Lee Mansion is one of the earliest architectural buildings that remain standing even today, which survives from an era when large ships with European settlers came into this region.

Salem Maritime National Historic site is a site that you would love to explore here. As Marblehead is adjacent to Salem, many of the places of tourist attraction lie in Salem. This particular site is a 9 acre park that has historic buildings, a tall ship and wharves for visitors to explore.

Peabody Essex Museum is another place you would like to visit here. It is a modern museum that houses Asian and American artwork.

Singing Beach is a beach here that is known for the unique sand; it also houses a bathhouse for the summer time along with a snack bar.

The Salem Witch Trials memorial is a memorial and burial point where most of the condemned and publicly executed witches and their bodies are buried.

Liverpool, the birthplace of The Beatles, you MUST visit!!!


You can’t be a die-hard The Beatles fan if you haven’t added Liverpool to your tour list. Liverpool sits in Merseyside, England and is home to not only the pop sensation The Beatles, but is also popular for its football and rich history. Apart from being the birthplace of The Beatles, Liverpool has also given a platform for other musicians like Gerry and the Pacemakers, Echo and the Bunnymen, as well as Frankie goes to Hollywood.

While music was more popular in the 20th century in Liverpool, now the city is more known for its success in football.

Tourist Attractions in Liverpool

A number of historical landmarks and tourist attractions make Liverpool and excellent place to visit for tourists. The city has earned six World Heritage Sites by UNESCO. These sites consist of public and military close to the waterfronts. They make popular tourist attractions as well and also play a major role in the city’s technology, development and politics.

Liverpool is divided into different neighborhoods; the City Centre being the midpoint of them. The City Centre is full of busy markets, shopping malls, museums, galleries, eateries and bars that make it the most crowded and the most famous place in the city for tourist. Chinatown in Liverpool is another big marketplace at affordable prices and is one the oldest Chinatown in the entire Europe.

From a historical point of view, Liverpool has a few museums that are widely popular and always busy across the year. The Beatles Story museum is a famous location for those who love the band. The Merseyside Maritime Museum focuses on marine technology and marine exhibits of Liverpool.

Apart from the museums and buildings, you can also hang out and relax at the parks of Liverpool. Some of the popular ones include the Otterspool Park, the Sefton Park and the Calderstones Parks in Allerton.

Festivals in Liverpool

Throughout the year, different festivals are held in the city of Liverpool and are open to the public. Schedule your tour to Liverpool according to the festival you want to be a part of to make the most out of your trip!